Basic emotions

make us believe

most things

because, not to believe

when we feel so strongly so

is to be mad

in the head

to walk into oncoming traffic, like you are strolling in the park

to think of your death, as going to sleep

I love to sleep

So, why don’t I love death?

I shook several hands today that were dead

They were rehearsing sleep

before falling



Hence, only a madman can be free

of his emotions

that tell him to be

something, he is not.

The Good Catholic needs the Church

The Protestant rejects the Catholic

The Atheist rejects Meaning


The Agnostic won’t accept Anything

The cats in the neighborhood

don’t worry about death—


they have 9 lives…

When one dies, they live on

People are afraid of losing things

their keys

their insurance

their job

their investments

their family

and their life.

They seldom worry about losing their faith

occasionally, their wife

If they lose one, usually, it’s replaced by another

The man who isn’t worried about losing anything

is very rich

He has no need for religion or reputation

There is no fear

in him

and Nothing can be taken away

from him


he plays with his life

like a gambler, like it doesn’t belong to him

spinning the roulette wheel

and hoping

to land on black.

The cats

eat the spoiled tuna in the can

and the man

does the same thing

He believes

what he is fed

even when it goes bad


He doesn’t want to hunt for answers.


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