“I did it for love,” he said.

“What? How can that be? That’s not serious?”

Most often, what is said, in a serious way

is boring.

What can’t be explained,

is love.

Love is a kind of madness, that people don’t understand

They fall in love and fail in love

and find it again

even though


is not kind.

A contract killer,

is easily understood.

The man who says, “I did it for love,” is terrifying.

There is something pure

about the foolish amateur

who spends his time, in love.

Too much love

is scorned by society–

I see him, with a heart tattoo

and a scraggly beard, loving

all the things he might do

with his cheap cigar, and gold golf shoes.

Many men

don’t become good

because they don’t love.

There is too much business

in what they do.

Their lives

are spent

as professionals

who do it for money.


from the Latin—

one who does it for love.


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