Don called me

I played golf with him a couple weeks ago

and he got my number.

I didn’t think he would call.

The guy at work who talks about playing golf

has given me the same load of crap for two years

but we haven’t gone out.


he was talking about how he had played golf with his friend.

He was trying to make me feel bad


it’s amusing

that he continues with his charade.

Sometimes, you can never know, if what someone is telling you, is the truth

and sometimes, you can,

and that’s gold.


told me

that he works at Amazon

that he is married

and he has kids.

When we passed the house on Number 11

he told me,

“The Asian lady who works behind the counter in the pro shop, lives there.”

“Really?” I asked.


“She must’ve won the lottery. That’s a 2-million-dollar home.”

“Her husband works for Microsoft.”

I didn’t tell him that I know the lady who lives in that house, and she’s not Asian.

He began to say stuff

and I knew, he was making it all up

which was amusing to me

“They got bass in that pond,” he said. “I’ve seen young boys fishing in it at night.”

By the time we finished the last four holes

he had lied a dozen times.

He told me that he had 6 million dollars of Amazon stock.

When I met him two weeks ago

he asked questions, like

“What do you do for work?”


“Do you live around here?”

He’s overweight

Somebody told me once, that conmen are usually overweight

because they don’t want to do the work, on themselves.

“I was at the Kenny Chesney concert last week, with my friend. We snuck backstage, until the security guy threw us out,” he said.


gets bored.

I’ll probably play golf with him again.

He gets entertainment from telling lies

I get my entertainment from knowing

he tells lies.

It’s the perfect relationship.


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