Kids take their medicine

slip into bed

and hear a story.

An old man

does the same.

All the people in between

go to meetings

dress in tailored clothes

dine out

drive luxury cars

and try to get ahead.

I don’t care about the stock market

I would rather lie in bed

and go for walks with the leprachauns.

The pleasures

of an internal life

are better

than being in the company of strangers

who want to steal

what they don’t have.

I like reading

to kids


books are sacred.

They’re like openning up other worlds.

A long time ago, I read to some 5th grade boys

I gave them a book, like it was worth its weight in gold

and they complained

about it


they hadn’t discovered the value of stories.

A man can be happy

when he is well-fed


and his mind has permission to travel

This world would be a lot wiser

if everybody stayed home

and read

in bed.

I wonder why we can’t get along,

so I

get alone.

We are all trying to get what we want

My wish is for another midnight hunt

with the leprachauns

They have already driven three of my co-workers insane

There is no better ally

than the little people.

I take long walks in the woods

during a light rain

and the rabbits are everywhere.

Once you see them

you can’t unsee them.


will never be the same.


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