Time teaches us

to lose, or to win

or to do

whatever we want.

Neglect is

my friend

it has been

for decades, like a stray cat

that sees

everything, with its yellow eyes.

I walk into


of neediness…

Then, I don’t need anything

and I cringe, at the many hands

that try to pet me.

Opinions are the same

Thoughts are few

and Actions, are the way


the tall grass,

where nobody goes, but me

gasoline flames

I walk through the fire

We all get


The right way

or the wrong way

is taught

to everybody.

I go my own way

I listen to


and watch them do

needless things.

Even in my emptiness

I don’t ask for anything


kill rats


eat trash



while enjoying

not eating.

It’s safe to say,

“I’m on fire.”

I can’t be put-out

by buckets of water


walk through fields

of flames


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