Even in my weakened Washington State

I can feel my words working

3,000 miles away,

while I lay in bed

not doing much of anything, in Florida.

She is

not unlike

many women—

a tired anger

clings to her, like yesterday’s sleep

like the baby, she never had

She can’t give this one away

even though she tries

it’s her anger baby

made that way

by men not living up to her expectations

the kind that shouts, and walks before its 1.

She has lost

while she pursues men

who run for the hills.

I don’t talk to many old men

but when I do

it seems like

they don’t take their women that seriously

They live with them

but it’s no big deal.

If a man hasn’t settled down by 36

he’s not going to.

The women out there, are crazy


and today’s

The only difference is…

today’s women, can do something about it—

and that’s scary.

Unmarried men after 36, will never get married

they’ve had too much time to think about it.

Just think…

how many things did you do in your life

without thinking about it?

Or maybe, you weren’t sure, so you asked somebody else to think about it for you

and they told you

what somebody else told them.

Frankly, most people can’t make decisions

but Frank can

I asked him about marriage on the golf course, Yesterday

and he laughed

“Do you think I’m insane? Naw—I’ve got a girlfriend, but I don’t live with her

that’s for the other kind of man.”

“Don’t you get lonely?”

“Hell, no! I visit, and then I go home and sleep. Most of the problems of men could be resolved, if they got rid of their women.”

“That doesn’t sound true.”

“It is. A woman has a way of making something inconsequential matter to her, and if you don’t see it that way, you’re in trouble man.”

“Frank—you’re 81.”

“I know.”

“And you’re happy?”

“Sure I am.”

“But what about the normal life?”

“Well—this is what I’ve decided to do.”


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