I thought writing was

about golden words, that cost

too much, to be written down.

The truth is, bad stuff happened to me

but it wasn’t bad enough.

In college, I was learning how to compose a sentence

and after that

there were only bitter tears.

I started journaling

any which way.

I was attached to my writing

like a baby, to an umbilical cord

and when I cut that

my writing came to life.

If you stick with the few things that make you feel good

and avoid the rest

you will be alone with the gods.


try to do both

and their lives

are in ruins.

I prefer to be with Merlin

He walks into heaven.

It takes

several lifetimes

written into books

to know the way.

Don’t believe me?

One day,

I’ll be walking down a rainy street

and the clouds will open.


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