Muscles in the Moonlight

Skin in the Sunlight

The Creature tries to Create

to transform

into something new.

Around, Each Corner

is a dead end

the maze, seemingly

goes on forever

He has the scent, for what he wants

but the walls

go high

so that it seems, there is no sky

just blue

and that black night

that won’t leave him alone.

The labyrinth was built

for the cyclops

with one eye

It sees straight ahead

and keeps forgetting

where its been

right left right

or right right left?

I chose this prison

because I thought there was a way

to what I want

but it turns out

there is no way


This decision

to go into

the heart of darkness

is to meet death, before my destiny

Most people don’t want to cut-off their life

by their own will


deep depression


to make something that has never been

The mazes we do in life

are worse than the imaginary one

picking up the phone

going into a meeting

listening… god, the listening

and calendars

I can go back 10 years, and see what I’ve done

but I don’t remember any of it

I’ll find a way to escape this maze

before the days

are done

or I’ll be lost forever.


6 thoughts on “No Way Out

  1. I liked the pacing of your poem, it had a pace I find sometimes hard to write at and keep what feels like a good pace of engagement for the reader. Good stuff though I like some of the imagery… Can I ask the inspiration behind this post? Do you always write whats on your mind or do you sometimes do what I do and start with the first line and let rhymes flow out themselves?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Majestic, I just try to get the word down. I have something that I want to say, and poetry is a fun easy way to do it. I find, that some of my poems have a rhythm. The poem came from the feeling, that there are always consequences for my decisions, and we can rarely go back and change them, without significantly effecting our future. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! -Andy


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