there is the real sense, that I am ignoring God

but what does God want from me?

It can’t be

perfection, because that’s impossible

and with our imperfect flesh, that wants to experience

sensations of pain and gain and pleasure

to die to that

is to zombify, into something

without sense.


to seek God, seems to be

a fool’s errand, because

has anyone ever found him?

Many have discovered Madness

and Fantasy

Morality, tries to sell itself

as necessary

People need to believe in Something

and without that

we are worse than feathers blowing in the wind

there is no wind

no spirit

no voice of God

that speaks audibly

or inaudibly

All I know is, that I would follow him

if he would show himself to me

Maybe, I need to be better

for him, to do this

but perfection, is meaningless

I am tired of chemicals and culture and lack of kindness

even I, can see the futility

in all of that

What do we do, when we are in the dark?

Are we wolves

who devour

the blind?

I feel my way

without touching walls

My scripture must be written inside my heart.


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