When your time runs out, you start to value it more

you are less tolerant of people who make you wait.

It’s not just an inconvenience, when the secretary ignores you—

you have the profound sense, your time is being stolen

by a fool, you can’t wait to get away from.

Having this feeling, while needing to talk to people

is bad

what’s worse, is needing their approval.

After two weeks of isolation

loneliness sets in

but it’s a comfort

compared to the company

that wastes your time.

What I find funny, are the professionals who have put me down in public

or believe themselves to be superior

in some small way.

It’s like the ignorant child who knows they know more than you

but they speak in colloquialisms.

If I told them the truth about how I feel

it wouldn’t even faze them—

because they have too much self-esteem.

All we have is time,

until we don’t.

It’s strange,

some people aren’t a waste of time.

They aren’t full of pride

or a need, to get their own way.

They are freely themselves

and they share

who they are,

with everyone.


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