and dance

she, is the opportunity

swinging, on the dance floor

Many men believe, they have to work hard

for nothing

this is the great lie

a little talent, and a lot of training

and the worst failure, becomes magnificent

take away a man’s sight, and you have robbed him of his soul

he is but a slave, if he can’t see

Strength, is no ally, to the blind man

Opportunities, are everywhere

They might be,

peace and quiet

Time, to do

what he wants to.

I have discovered the purpose of wisdom

it’s to see the opportunities

and not make mistakes

let the other men do that, while you become wise

from their error.

Invention and imagination

open-up holes in the universe.

Chronic failure requires a different way

Complacency doesn’t sit well with Exploration

there are gamblers who lose

and there are gamblers who win

What’s the difference?

“Preparation, my son, preparation”

homework, study, and foresight

power the light bulb

to turn on.

“And listen to your father, when you are young

or, if not your father, someone wise…”

they will prevent you, from screwing up your life

Success, is attractive

and when you get a little, without wisdom

it’s dangerous

because failure is a teacher.

Men are attracted to a man

who has built success—they want to be his friend

but without being abandoned

or shunned

he won’t know a true friend.

Women are attracted to a man

who has built a house—they want to marry him

and if he loves her for her beauty, he had better be lucky

or she will be a monster


The opportunities are everywhere

better not to make any major decisions

until you are wise

Wisdom is knowing what you don’t know

It’s the opposite of pride

I’ve been accused of both

Ultimately, you will have to decide

Make up your own mind, and then

go ahead.

Humility, will be your teacher

Knowing where you are, in relation to opportunity

is the first step

Opportunity, can be 5 minutes to yourself

It can be a hunch, based on months of analysis

It might be

the decision to marry

You must understand,

we have to make decisions in life


not to decide,

is a decision.

There are opportunities

for kindness

and to assess, our own weakness

to calibrate endurance

to know

the world

in which we dance.


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