As I get older, I notice things…

grey hairs, in my young head?

teenagers, stupid teenagers, thinking they are smart

When do they become intelligent?

The past is filled with memories

but those thoughts quickly fade into nothing


they are nothing

Neurons that grow old and forget.

One day, I won’t know who I am

did I ever?

Fate, has conspired to give me what I want

but I can’t claim the past

It doesn’t belong to anyone

not even, historians

who are wasting the present

thinking about time.

People I knew, have died

I walk, into the century

making acquaintances, like ships that pass in the night.

We follow the same stars

but do we belong to the same humanity?

War, would contradict that

Relatives get old—and I wonder who they were

and not just, that they liked mustard.

Their wrinkles

aren’t a map

to their soul.

People get old

and what we have

is nothing

because we started

with the same

lose, lose, lose

Where is love?

a winner, is a forgotten thing

because we don’t have


That is the twinkle of time—

the laughter in the eyes of the universe.


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