It’s okay to be tired

to feel beaten

or to be beaten


At my lowest

there are things I never tire from

and that

is a reminder

that it’s okay to be tired.

In fact, being tired

or being beaten

tells me, it’s no big thing.

Imagine that, the worst happens

and the mania of success ends

and I can get back

to what I actually love—

the kind of thing,

that loves me back.

I’ve spent so much time there

that everywhere else, is foreign to me

exciting, yes

but miles away from home.

This is why some people encounter the worst

over and again

and the worst

is their best friend

because it loves them


a million

adoring fans.

I look forward

to getting into bed

with a good book

Someone, long dead

and able to speak to me

just the same

and not necrophilia

so, don’t worry

Even the president, doesn’t want to be the president, on some days

maybe, most days

but he, can’t admit that

At my weakest, I know what I actually want

and at my strongest,

I can have everything

Why not?

Because it won’t love me back.


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