I keep sending my stuff to feminist editors

not much choice

They all advertise that they want queer, questioning, feminist voices

to shout down the man.

There’s this one publication I submit to—well, submit is the wrong word

because I write whatever I want

and I can’t get published.

It’s a feminist leadership magazine and it has co-editors

a man and his wife

and he claims to be a male feminist.

What I like about him, is that he sent me a personal rejection slip

that said, “I really liked this, but it won’t fit into our magazine. Are you trying to get published here?”

The problem is, I can’t reply to emails—too many crazies (it’s a feminist magazine)

So, I am content to write another poem to continue our correspondence

My next cover letter asked if he is happily married or if his wife runs the show

“I am most happy with my wife being in charge, thank you very much—we need more feminist leaders.”

I wanted to ask him follow-up questions, but I couldn’t, so I had to write another poem. This might be crossing the line.

I understand that many men have to be taken care of by a woman, but this is such an emasculating experience

How do these men live with themselves?

My latest poem came back—

Let’s just call the male feminist Bob—a good generic name

He told me, he really wants to publish my poetry, but he can’t. His wife won’t let him.

He’s been answering my emails, secretly

and reading my poems at midnight

He’s been providing feedback (typically, full of praise)

Last week he told me that he’s having marital problems

Apparently, his wife found my poems on his computer, with our private correspondence

“It’s worse than pornography!” She shouted.

Look what I’ve done…

oh well—

I’ve liberated another man.


7 thoughts on “I’ve Liberated Another Man

  1. Oh my! Worse than pornography! Seriously!
    There was a time when man were at the other end of such chaos, and suppressions in majority (which was wrong too). Now females are turning everything off-balance in the name of equality.
    Dark times….

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    1. Well… everything you say is true, but there is one good thing that comes from it… I can write about it! Every great American novel was written about society’s ills. I’m thinking about posing as a female feminist to get published. The subject matter will need to be severely symbolic–so nobody knows the true meaning except for me.

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      1. You could do that, or just be you and find a platform where you are heard as you are, where your words can be understood as they truly are.
        I have read some of your works, and I guess some people might find them a little harsh, if they haven’t experienced that side of women.
        But that’s one of the bitter realities, and somebody got to say it.

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