There is always the crowd

and in the crowd, are the important people

You can tell them, by the way they act, and the way they talk—

not necessarily by the words they are saying, but by the affect they have on their audience

not a profound line said—only jazz and brass excitement

Many young people ask, “How do I get in?”

I used to think it was being the best Basketball Player

I made the honor roll and was chess champion

The loudspeaker of the school, announced my name, one day

and I made art projects, that captured attention

Only later, did I realize,

none of these people had done anything.

They were popular, for some reason, I couldn’t explain.

Whenever I entered a group, I made friends

but they were never, the popular crowd

They were obsessed with accomplishing things,

so that one day, they might become popular too

and that is the fundamental fallacy of the smart person

to assume that the crowd follows the same rules

that you do.

As I get older, I give up and devalue


It’s a natural response to losing

because I don’t understand the game.

I work hard, but it doesn’t matter—

like the boy on my basketball team who made a shot

and the crowd cheered

because he had the least athletic ability.

I make friends

with intelligent people

and I enjoy their company.

I listen to the popular crowd, and I don’t know what to say

Wealth and Women are similar

because they are in demand.

Nobody knows why something is of value

but everybody wants it, because, everybody wants it

Bitcoin, South Sea Stock, Tulips

The girls I go with, are interesting

but they aren’t the women the world wants

I have a wealth of wisdom, but true wealth?

Not really.

Like most people

I settle

for what I love

and I don’t care about the world outside of myself

This lie,

isn’t entirely true.

I drive an old pickup truck and my friends tell me… “Why don’t you buy a new one?”

I never give them an answer

If you are content with nothing

something—doesn’t matter.

I want the whole world

but until then

I want nothing.


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