In the starry night, we sleep, and dream

and during the day, we go about our business

as usual.

Dreams tell us who we should be

and the day, sheds a light, on our reality.

I hear them, constantly “Living the Dream.”

But are they, really?

Those people who never wake-up, sleep-walking with wild dreams

They don’t say much

The ones who talk, complain, because they don’t feel their dreams will ever come true.

It takes a special person to live their dreams

They lie beneath the great oak tree, and look through its limbs

at the setting sun

where yellow light, shines through green

far away, from words, that don’t mean anything

The magician, changes his form

with his origami imagination

He is never a blank piece of paper

stacked into piles

and thrown away, without grace

The wonderous ways


in time

and the old, are too old

to walk that way

So, the young man, picks-up the old man

and walks a bit farther…

Children are looking for something new

and when they visit the past

they can pick-up

the magic there



where the wrinkles, in that paper

are the lines, of carefully folded time.


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