Peeking through the bushes at those corpses, walking around, and not talking to each other, was unnerving. They looked like death, which meant, they were thirsty. It made me wonder about women who wear lots of makeup. Were they dangerous?

Then, those red eyes, looked out, into the night, and saw me, which made my heart stop beating. They weren’t laser eyes or drunk bloodshot eyes, but the eyes of hell—a close cousin of the demon, that latches onto you, and takes over your spirit. I was feeling light-headed, like I might pass-out, and then I realized, I was holding my breath.

“We should get out of here,” Brad suggested.

“I don’t know why we’re still hanging around,” Maddie said.

“Because, you and I both know, those vampires are going to kill everyone we love, unless we do something about it.”

“Well, what can we do?” Brad asked.

“Shove a stake through their hearts.”

“All of them?”

“All of them,” I said.

Brad began to break branches off the tree. I handed my pocketknife to him, and we began to sharpen spears.

Maddie just looked at us, like we were nuts.

“Those things saw us… Don’t you think we should get out of here?”

“We have to finish what I started,” Brad said.

“Hey, do you feel something funny?” Maddie asked.

“It just got colder—much colder,” I said.

“The moon disappeared. Where did it go? It was there.” Brad was pointing at empty space, when a white head bobbed back and forth across the field. It had teeth and a red mouth.

“Is that stick ready?” I asked.

Brad threw it at the vampire and stuck the thing in the chest. Immediately, its flesh sizzled and drizzled, into the field.

To be continued…

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