This is my favorite part…

At every time in a man’s life

he must have a reason

and then the hurdles come

and many don’t jump over them

because they can’t with the same reasons they started with.

The man who keeps coming up with new reasons

is the man who keeps going

You know that you have something

when you find excuses to do it

until the voices in the world

are drown-out by the ones in your head.

It’s a noble kind of schizophrenia

calling your name.

I was asked what I was going to do this weekend

by one of my colleagues at work, and I said…

“A bit of writing.”

and my answer was met with scorn—

he was hoping for something more glamorous, I guess.

There are decades

where we lie dormant


a spark, sets-off a forest fire

that “Yes, this is what I want to do.”


“This is who,

I am.”

Beautiful, Ignition, really.

The flames leap higher

and eat

all my doubt

that grew along the road like weeds

where common cars


in horror

at my passion raging

from horizon

to horizon

It’s love that talks to me at night

while I rest on my pillow.

I don’t have to work myself up

to write

It just keeps coming

despite the conditions

and I put it down

to sleep

like word-filled dreams.


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