There are moments, when love finds me

and I don’t know how

or why.

When I fall in love

I let go

and trust, that someone or something

will catch me.

It’s strange,

that words

speak beyond the grave

and give me advice about life

or a past girlfriend, sets a standard

for all the women

who might become my wife.

When was the last time, someone looked at you

and saw something special


you went for a walk

that transformed your life?

There are things

that will never give-up on us

and it’s important

to never give-up on them.

To dismiss your past

as a river, without memory

is to forget

where you have been, deep in the mountains

of hell or heaven.

If something great is going to happen

it’s going to come

from love.

A Man can try

but if he doesn’t love

what comes from him

won’t satisfy.

What I’m trying to say

is that love is worthwhile

in this short life we have

and without it

it’s terribly long

and lonely

So, never give up on love

it has a way of finding you

when you least expect it

and don’t reject it.

Love is the joy I get

when I write these lines

Love is waiting for you

if you can accept it.


10 thoughts on “Love is Waiting for You

  1. Ugh, no it is not waiting for me. I now detest when people say that love is out there somewhere, waiting for you, at least in the context of romantic love. It’s like assuring cancer patients that they will beat cancer and recover, when in truth, some will and some won’t. But we say it anyway, because we wish it to be true for them. I long ago accepted that romantic love simply isn’t out there for me. I’m simply not a woman that the right types of men even consider. But that’s fine. Life can still be great and worthwhile without it. Or love can be family love, or platonic love, or one way agape love for all people. For some of us, that’s all there ever will be.

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    1. Well… the Girl from Jupiter, the more types of love we have in our life, the better. If we love people, books, hobbies, whatever… we are better off. Having something to look forward to… I have a poem called, Love Will Change You. Sometimes, we have to allow. I liked your comparison about cancer, though–hope in this life only goes so far. People are looking for something that transcends this life. Love might be one of those things.

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      1. Yes, people are often looking for something that transcends this life and offers them hope, no matter how untrue or impossible to attain. I prefer to stay grounded in reality and find joy in the small attainable things. Love, even platonic or familial love, is so often a one-way street for me that it is largely unfulfilling. One cannot accept from others that which is not offered. Self-love is the only reliable love.


  2. Beautiful. Love takes many forms. The most important is to love yourself and know you are worth loving. External love comes from unexpected places in unexpected forms. To be honest lol,mine came from Internet dating 😂

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