If you swing a sharp ax at a big tree,

it’s going to fall down.


If you swim upstream and don’t go anywhere,

you are going to get stronger.


The seeds of success are found

in the stories you tell yourself.


During the 6th grade reading race

I beat the entire class and the all-time record

for most pages read

I learned that persistence

is unusual

It might not ensure victory

but it will cause an individual to stand out

It was, and still is, my proudest moment

and have I completed a Doctorate Degree.

Character is Destiny!


An individual can develop persistence

when quitting, hurts more

than losing.


We value what we have to work hardest for.


It isn’t the goal that matters,

but everything we had to do

to accomplish the goal.


We are all defined by something.

If you never quit, you can never lose.


When I look at winners and losers

I see what a person is willing to do.

Most people are unwilling to fail until they win.


Failure is feedback

Success doesn’t tell you anything.


How do I want to be remembered at the end of my life?

That I persisted in spite of all odds…


People don’t understand persistence

because they all quit, eventually.

If you feel like you need success

to be successful (I call this assurance)

You are like most people.

Persistence is something else,



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