It can be hard to need a job

or to take a job

from a man or woman

who is less than you.

You work yourself up for an interview

learning about their organization, as if you care

trying to convince yourself that you do care

that somehow, your values, are their values

but they’re not.

So, this is just a con game

to get a regular paycheck

They con you, out of your time

and you con them, to make a living.

They always dress for their position

and you dress, for yours.

The difference is, you despise the clothes you have to put on

and they wear their suit, as if they are better than you

They drive a car

not to get from point A to point B

but to BE better than you.

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to interview?

I want to work hard, but I don’t want to be asked silly questions

from a panel of people who are pretending to be important.

They scrutinize

their applicants…

Did he respond appropriately?

It’s horrible to be appropriate,

but when there’s no other way to make a living—

what do you do?

These kinds of people

stoke my ego

“You are so smart…”

“But if I was smart, I wouldn’t be working here,” I don’t say.

I’m hoping that my intelligence makes a way

through their sea of crap

but I’ve probably bought their bullshit that confirms my self-opinion

“You are so smart,” they say. And now, I’m not much better than them.

I am like the exodus

and pharaoh is my female boss

who won’t let me go

“We have great benefits and you can’t make a living from your hobbies.”

I looked at her, suffering,

in her tight overweight-clothes

with her skinny soul that can’t be fed with food

I don’t have anything against fat females

I just saw, I am unsatisfied in my job in her YouTube feed, that isn’t feeding her

These unhappy underfed neurotic women, are always pretending to be

and if you genuinely are happy, they will hate you.

I am swimming across their sea

because it didn’t part for me

and so, my strength is leaving me.

Does God wish me, to remain in captivity—to be a slave to security?

I hope not.

I’ll keep swimming

because it’s not a hobby.


2 thoughts on “It’s not a hobby

  1. Swim for your life! I did a job I didn’t particularly believe in for 20 years. I liked the people I worked with, well most of them, and I enjoyed the intellectual challenge. I made enough money to retire early and do what I want now. I realise all those years doing a job I didn’t believe in have given me the experience, knowledge and confidence to do what I want to do now, voluntarily in something I love and believe in. It all works out in the long run. Enjoy the journey

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