Can a man change his life

from empty rooms, into rich decorations

and laughter,

to golf courses, and sunny palms

to places, with no earthly name?

Can a man change his name

to the first name

who knew, his tasks to do

to name everything

and know his labor was good?

Can a man do, something worthwhile

and be a stable sailor, on the tossed

and stormy seas?

Can he be a man

or are all men destined to break

under the stress

of unwanted war?

Is honor a forgotten word, or just made up

to control the ordinances of men?

What is a man, if he doesn’t know

and the tasks laid-out before him

don’t tell a story, he would want to tell?

Can a man change his destiny

or is he destined to walk the hallways

that echo

with no names?

All names are forgotten

and the dust is distant from our memory

a metaphysical task, is not practical

because the facts of life, are rooted in the earth.

What is a man, but someone

destined to do great things?

In the universe

even a star explodes

and a man is more than dust

shining brightly

in the heavens

when his body,

is blown away.


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