Women want attention

Maybe not from you

but they want it

just the same—

and you complain

about not getting


like you are caught

in a winter of women

filled with ice queens

and white witches.


this season of your life

and hibernate

in the cold

by building-up

your fat, like an enormous house cat

curled beside the fire

and when the spring-time comes

the wild cat

doesn’t wait for women

it’s as independent

as the sun

because it knows

where its attention goes

its energy




in the heat of the night.

One day

he becomes

a philosopher

sleeping 20 hours a day

and hunting

what most people can’t kill

and when he meets a pussy

he knows

she is a predator

just like him

and he respects her

because he respects himself—

that’s how he’s stayed alive.

the king

is brought down

by a woman


she has society in her pocket

like a suicide king

and all she has to do, is ask

to play her card

and he falls on his sword.

So, the wise cat

ponders, reality…

and asks,

“Do I want pussy or power?”

Cats choose



they want

to curl-up

in a warm lap

and they don’t know

the freedom

of being a stray cat


they’ve been owned

their whole lives.


in its many forms

is just like a cat

squeezing, under doors

and fighting

to the death

confident at night

and asleep

in the daytime—

a marvelous




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