Upon discovering a truth

be sure that it isn’t a trap

a trap and a truth

sound the same

and look the same,

but they’re not—

knowing the difference, is wisdom.

the fool, willingly steps into traps, he knows are traps

the fool’s friend, the oaf, doesn’t know the difference between

a trap and a truth

He thinks he has the truth, when he is trapped

and he wastes his life

with beliefs that keep him religiously,

in the dark.

A truth is found in the dark

with the other senses, besides sight

When it’s seen, the light

is obvious, and it can never be put out.

A lie turns into something else

but a truth, stays the same

then the round village idiot

enters the square, and claims

truths and traps

mean the same thing.

A trap, is obvious

because it wants to be seen

and a truth, is frightening

because it reveals

the trap.

People don’t want to see their mistakes

So, which one, is more enticing?

It depends on who you are

a mongrel dog

that eats its own vomit

or a cunning fox

who knows its limitations.

The hunter chases the hunted

but only the fox is free.


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