I have the life I’ve always wanted

stopped short of success.

I guess

I want success, but I don’t know why.

Maybe, I feel

the need to do something

like playing pool

in a random universe

or, getting attention

so I can ignore everybody. (I’m already doing that—by the way)

When nobody wants you,

there’s no fun in hiding.

J.D. Salinger would not have enjoyed his time alone

if he didn’t know, there were thousands of literary elites

that wanted

to invade his privacy.

When you are in high demand, it’s important to keep it that way.

The young kid in the pro shop

wants to feel important


there’s a girl in there, with skin-tight jeans

and blonde hair

“Can I get out?” I ask.

He knows I have a membership.

“The back 9 is wide-open…” I suggest.

“I’ll get you out on the front 9 in 30 minutes,” he says with authority.

I know he has to act like a man, for the woman

so I don’t argue.

I get on the first green in two

and the cart girl is watching me

“Hey, do you want a beer?” She asks.

“Just one second.” I hole out a 20-foot putt.

“You’re pretty good,” she says.

I look at her

There’s a whole generation of young people who I used to be

When did I get older?

“Do you have any other talents?” She asks.


We chit chat

I take a coke, instead of alcohol, because I don’t drink

and she asks me why…?

“I have enough problems,” I say.

She giggles… “You don’t look like you have any problems.”

There’s permanent marker on the can

it’s her phone number.

When you don’t need


life keeps giving

the trick is

to smile

and keep golfing.


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