People need a reason

for what they do

and if not a reason

they must do

what others do.


I don’t need a reason

for what I do

and I don’t do

what others do.


If I follow

what makes me feel good

and I avoid

what makes me feel bad

I am usually right.


We ignore how we feel

to consider the feelings of others

This is a false empathy

A comforting lie is worse than a harmful truth.


I find myself telling stories that get old

I can’t wait for them to die.


People like what they can control

and what they can’t control, they stop doing

This is why most people stop living,

and they hate their lives.


I care less and less

what people think about me

It’s a process

When people have less influence over me

they care less and less

about me.


A co-worker asked me what I was going to do this weekend

and I told him, “I’m going to go on a bike-ride and read some books.”

He frowned

I could tell, he didn’t believe me.

Last month, he asked me the same question

and I told him the same thing.

There is no mystery

in me

I have discovered what makes me happy

all the rest, is nonsense

no scandal

just me,

enjoying me.

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