Long-term goals, are seldom met, by accomplishing them

they’re like that girl, you want to know


she’s a mystery.



peace, is desirable

but too much peace, is undesirable

This is why people get into relationships.


Depression, is anger turned inward

I have always been an angry person

and I am seldom depressed

I use anger to accomplish my goals.


How can I know that I like someone

if I don’t know them?

People don’t know me

and choose not to like me.


I am unfair in my assessments of others

I pay attention to criticism

ignore neutrality

and swoon with positivity.


I can’t win with people

because their opinions rise and fall

with their emotions

They control the game.


It’s impossible to seduce someone

when I’m focused on myself

This is why,

I am unsuccessful.


Love, can be worthwhile, if you are a lover

Peace, can be worthwhile, if you can live without ego

Excellence, can be worthwhile, if you are driven by success

Sex and Success are Similar.

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