I have a fear of getting lost.

It’s an unfounded fear.

If I start walking

I can leave the city, the job, and the past


We get lost in places that change.

I think about my problems, until my problems think about themselves

under the rainbow,

rocketing into, the gray and blue sky.

It’s raining there, but the rain, doesn’t fall on me

the sun shines through, like magic

and sets

somewhere, I don’t know.

A coyote stares

and I say

“Here boy.”

but he doesn’t come.

Then I check-into the restaurant


a hamburger and fries.

She wants my attention

and retired women gather around.

We’re all getting old

and soon, we’ll live

where old folks

are found.

I finish 18,

and the story lady walks on by

She smiles at me

and I’m


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