The blank page is beautiful

until I start writing words.

When that happens

nothing else matters.

Writing can be ugly

and just as beautiful.


are content with the blank page

without blemish

without profanity

or emotion.

It speaks, to the invisible fears

inside all of us.

Writing is a way

to turn

the invisible

into something


or beautiful—

to unveil the mystery.


is peaceful


it gives us nowhere to go.


has no end.

I have been going to work for a long time

and I hear the voices that I try to write down.

They speak of vacations

of promotions and prestige

of gossip and intrigue

They talk of associations, with the most powerful

They clamor for attention

in a life that’s fleeting.

In my current position

I have been blessed

to figure-out who I am.

I was always there

but one day, I gave myself permission

to write it down.

People read it

and hate it.


understand it.

It’s convenient to package paper

in stacks of 500.

They all look the same

because nobody has written

on it.


try to erase their messy words for approval

or edit their profanity.


care what people will say.

They try to guard their reputations.


they are socially acceptable

but they are not accepted, for who they are

but for

their BLANK page

that people look at

and toss away.

Society accepts


that expects nothing.

The more each person is accepted

the blanker they become


a page

with nothing on it.

5 thoughts on “Destroy the BLANK Page!

  1. Writing can be anything and everything. I remember hearing that somewhere, but it holds true. We can pour our emotions and thoughts into it, and what emerges can be beautiful, terrifying, etc.

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