“Please Stop!” She said. There was something about me, she didn’t like.

Words are misleading


they carry multiple meanings.

It’s uncomfortable to hear, as a man

It sounds like shame

and when you haven’t done


it feels

far worse.

If I was bad,

I wouldn’t care

I wouldn’t stop

So, “Please Stop!”

is said

to someone,

easy to shame.

Women use shame

to control


Especially, when

nothing else works.

I only talked to her

I didn’t hit on her

I asked her, “Would you like to sit down?”

And she gave me a cold look

of death—

She was smiling, before

and talking, about herself

until those two words were spoken

out of the blue

and not a pleasant blue—but a depression blue

It’s not easy to be a man

She could have said, “Oh—I’m just going to sit down with my girlfriends.”

But no,

she said, “Please Stop!”

and she sent me

a message of hate

on Facebook

and I didn’t respond

to her calling me a creep.

Where is this coming from?

It’s a relief


most women like me,

but it hurts


one woman says, “Please Stop!”

I don’t know what’s going on with her

I don’t want to know

but it’s not just one girl

it’s a whole society

saying, “Please Stop!”

It isn’t asking, nicely

There is no love, in those words

I can hear the guillotine crowds chanting

“Please Stop!”

while the women do their knitting


the writhing



of that headless corpse on the ground

and the women screaming,

“Justice at last!”

They murder men

in public

with their pleas

that don’t ask please

It’s so sad

that society can’t stop

this madness

making women angry

They don’t want to sit down with a man

they want to kill him

in public.

Someone read my writing once

and marked every word in red.

They found-out

I published a poem

and when I worked with them

they humiliated me.

I made their every correction

because I submit to the written word

and when they failed me

it was their failure

to realize

I submit to my own sentence

that I write down, and carry out.

I still get hate, from time to time

but now,

I write it down.

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