is like rain

in the desert

when it falls, it floods the land

and when it stops

we pray for rain

even if

we are carried away

by the flood.


She came into my office


like a bluebird with a broken wing

knocked out of the sky

by a nasty rock

“They humiliated me and they were mean.”

“Yes,” I said. “We must not be like them. We must be good, by not being mean.”


Wisdom wants time.

What do you want?


I look forward to things

and I dread things

Things are Things

They don’t think

So, thinking

is the way.


If we stop and ask, “What is that person doing?”

It’s easy to answer

but if we stop and ask, “Why is that person doing?”


is the reason,

for everything.


Women read my Writing

and say

I made them get angry


their anger was always there.

My words only provoked it

and the monster

came out

into the open.


What is a good life?

To be a student of wisdom

Wisdom, isn’t what you do with it

It’s an investment that can’t be spent

So, why be wealthy?

Because poverty is a wasted life.


I’m eating apples

while writing these words,

thinking about the forbidden fruit…

The Tree of Knowledge


The Tree of Life

Death, is an apple core, with poisonous seeds

Plant a Tree

and experience

a kind of eternity.

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