Originally, I did away with God

because of the people who profess

to believe in God.

But dealing with the Culture

is worse

than dealing with the Creator.

And I know

there are many people

who believe they are an accident

but they still live for things

Convinced, there is

such a thing

as justice.

I ask

where does that come from?

It is not an evolutionary requirement

for the species’ success.

They just want to do

what they want to do.

They want to believe

there is no way.

And I understand

the way, they are told to go

is horrifying.

This is true

for most leaders

who don’t know

but believe, they must show their strength of faith

and pretend they do.

Beware of the rule makers

and judgers—

they don’t know.

If you can get past the need to know,

you can find God.

God is not in a Church

He exists in You

You are not a God,

but He believes in You.

God will set you free—

when you follow Him, it’s the opposite

of Slavery.

5 thoughts on “Free Spirit

    1. I guess, we make god in our own image, or god makes us in his image… Discovery of God, nonetheless, is powerful. It changes people, and should give them spiritual power. What that person does with that power, will be a tell-tail sign they are following God, or not. How do people know that standard? Good question. Major Religion? What leads a person to it?

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