I believe

to simply socialize, will not take me where I want to go

social circles, are circles

they go, around and around

invariably, there is a man or woman

who wants to be the leader

and their competition

for dominance

makes it impossible

for them to say, anything original


they are trying to be better

according to the standard, that already exists.

If you want to gain the heart of a woman, you must prove your social standing.

To do this, requires one to show their social value.

Women understand social value, based on the opinions of others

So, any frustrated good-looking man, who thinks he has skills and value

probably doesn’t understand the female mind.

She judges his value, based on his relative worth in society (based on how others think of him)

This is not how men think…

Men think, “I’m valuable because I have skills.”

Their opinions begin and end with themselves

but for women, it’s different.

A man has value, if other women think he has value

This is why it is important to enter a social group, and make friends with everyone

but not approach the woman of your interest, directly.

She must find-out, indirectly, that you are a valuable guy, because other people like you, and value you.

When she meets you for the first time, and if she doesn’t have a way to judge your value, she won’t want to get involved


she doesn’t know who you are.

I believe, doing something on the outside, of these time-wasting circles

is what matters

but my results have been limited. So, I wonder about my choice

to stand on the outside.

I have gained a sense of identity

and I have freedom, because I understand the rules

but knowing the rules, causes me to want to play by my own rules.

If my future in society is subject to the opinions of others, why play the game?

There is no freedom in conformity.

If a woman can’t see your value, unless she is looking at somebody else

can she actually know you? Does she actually care to know you?


is she measuring her potential value, with your potential value, in relation to society?

It’s much easier not to think about this

but for originality to be accepted, it must be socially accepted and sold to the masses

this is why, many geniuses die, before they are discovered.

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