I don’t feel good while writing this poem

There are nights when philosophy wraps me in a warm blanket

and there are days, when I am required to suffer.

Wisdom and Intelligence are strange

One can have one, without the other

to have two, is a blessing

but it doesn’t mean life works out, the way you want it to

luck and numbers and the odds, must be on your side

and to control these figures

requires magic.

People don’t believe in magic,

but I do

because I have experienced two.

Got into a conversation about God

with my dad

He told me, “Even if the stories in the Bible don’t add up, I have experienced the Almighty—so the math doesn’t matter. One plus one, doesn’t need to equal two.”

Science tries to measure what it can’t see

and this is how people view other people

Hate festers, like an open wound, wanting war

and our narrow perspectives give us something to give

so we kill each other

or understand each other

mumbling lost languages, under the tower of babel

We are all

in the dark

looking, for the light

unable to add

because we can’t see our fingers.

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