the writer, seduces his readers

with life, out of reach

while he smokes his cigarettes,

welcoming death

not wanting, or needing

a second chance.

he drinks, not to get drunk

but usually this happens

vomiting in his toilet bowel

he writes about it

with glorious words.


he does something else


it’s never been done before

while morons are climbing Mount Everest


does something hard



will never brag about

That’s what writing is


somebody finds out

and more people come

and they want fame

because they want to be different

but they don’t really want

to live on the outside

they want to feel special.

When a writer is dead

other writers will try to be like him

They will only manage to get drunk

to get cancer

to become a copy, of a once beautiful creator


don’t want to be themselves


want to be somebody


as long as they get recognized.

8 thoughts on “Recognized

  1. Nietzsche once wrote about only finding “Apes of his ideal” or something like that — you poem reminds me of that sentiment — but really – to be fair – we are all born without knowing who we are anyway — is it such a great sin to mimic those we admire?

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  2. something that should resonate with the masses. but, more than likely only be understood by the few. i have found myself drawn towards your work of late and this is up at the top of the pile. imitation is possibly one of the greatest tributes that can be paid to any artist.

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