The problem with me

is that I hate being respectable

and there are many prerequisites

to a woman’s love.


is at the top of her list

followed by: ambition

social grace

and leadership.

I have all of these qualities

in my own way

but they exist,

outside of society,

which doesn’t really count

for the woman,

who doesn’t understand

the mathematics of the man.

I believe

I am moving

to a place

of stronger spiritual strength

and this can only be measured in terms of power verses force

My power

is in my thoughts

and mental attitudes

and my spirit steadily increases

as I avoid poisons

that pollute my soul

as I avoid people

who whisper lies in my ear

as I avoid every form of decadence

Not because I am so Godly

but because, I know it is designed to crush me.

Don’t give your strength to women

protect your eyes

to become a stronger man

A man is not controlled by anything, except his own mind

He needs nothing

He wants for nothing

He is perfect in his own imperfection

He has been told there is only one way to live, and that is within a cage of slavery

He, can step out, if he chooses to

and he gains freedom from his anxiety, when his spirit is strong.

The man is under attack, because he is most like God

I wish I could help him

but he must help himself.

The man must recognize that his power does not come from the force of his position

but from the spirit

within him.

5 thoughts on “The Man Must Help Himself

  1. Finding that strength, within us, is, the first thing, in how to love ourselves, unconditionally, and, after we are, able to, achieve that, then, there will be those around us, who feel, attracted to, us, then, we won’t be afraid anymore, of not finding the, right relationship for our own, selves.

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