I maintain, that the only woman worth chasing

is the woman who will reject you, certain sure.

Is this a masochistic motivation?


It’s your desire

against, the woman’s desire

It’s your faith

against, popular taste

To be a connoisseur of wine

that yields eternal life

and not to drink anything else

until you die.

If not women, you must find something that rejects you

again, and again

that won’t take you, as you are

that can’t appreciate

your talent.

Writing is my bitch that won’t love me

She laughs, with cruel sarcastic wit

while I pray, for the strength to go on

I have never been able to approach women with the same regularity as writing

If I get to my elder years

and the young men have beautiful wives, it won’t bother me


if I become old, without the love of my sadistic bitch

I do believe

I will cry

because she has chosen

many men

with talent

while rolling her eyes,

at my unreciprocated love.

3 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Strange I have never thought of writing other than a friend — I can fill it with mistakes — but it still makes sense to me at least — It is always there – fair or foul weather. I think you may be confusing – the writing with the reader or perhaps with your own judgment of your writing. This also reminds me of something that Nietzsche wrote — ” “Discovering that one is loved in return really ought to disenchant the lover with the beloved. ‘What? this person is modest enough to love even you? Or stupid enough? Or-or-”― Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

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