Toilet’s backed up again

the stink, is migrating slowly

through my apartment

and it’s too cold outside to open a window.

Life throws adversity at me, like an 8th grade pitcher

who can throw hard, but can’t get it in the glove

I keep getting hit, and it hurts

but I have a secret

I love the pain.

Pain is only terrible

when it’s unbearable

When my spirit is strong enough

pain is a way to test my endurance

I hope to have a strong spirit, until the end.

People who accumulate things

don’t have a clue

They don’t realize

pain is where it’s at

God gave us pain, so that we can test our strength

The problem is…

most of us aren’t strong enough

and we wish the pain would go away

The more pain you can tolerate in your life

the more joy you will have

you will be grateful

without a TV

without a girlfriend

without a friend

without a car


Maybe, all you have are words

and you laugh, because you can entertain yourself

in the worst circumstances

Your competition is afraid of losing

but you welcome loss

because life is about losing

and not the other way around.

Don’t they realize, they all will lose their lives?

They’re hanging onto it

like it might abandon them


Why are they worried about that?

The more stuff you have

the more stuff you will lose.

We are all losers in life

the GREATS drank themselves into oblivion

because of this fact

I say, let death come

let the fire burn the apartment down

let the toilets clog

and the traffic congest

I’m not going to try to hold onto something

that isn’t worth anything

People’s lives

amount to nothing

because they don’t invest

They’re too worried about losing


they’ve totally missed the point

that cuts strait to their heart.

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