The PI looked at the scene. It was too much for him. “Talbert can deal with this,” Gregson said.

“You mean, you won’t be questioning me?” Candy asked.

“Later, perhaps.” Gregson walked to an easy chair and sat down. He quickly fell asleep. He made it look easy.

Gregson dreamed that Jackie was sitting on his lap. When he woke up, she was. “Gregson? Honey. Mathew has been murdered.”


Morgan found him asleep. There was a needle sticking out of his neck. It has tissue paper on the end of it.”

“Let me see the body,” Gregson said.

Sure enough, Matthew was dead. How could he have been murdered in plain sight?” Candy asked.

Gregson examined the needle. It was like a dart. “I figure, it could fit inside a drinking draw. What have you all been doing?”

“Silas convinced us to play quarters.”

Gregson looked at her knuckles. They were red. He was about to take charge, when another fat detective entered the room.

“Gregson, I thought I would find you in prison.”

“I like to visit, but I don’t stay long.”

Detective Talbert was from Maple Valley. They had worked on a couple cases together.

“You made good time,” Gregson said.

“Always happy to help you out—now show me the body.”

“There’s a new one. He just bought it.”

“Bought what?”

“His ticket to that other place.”

Talbert investigated. “Somebody in this room killed him. What’s that smell?”

“Joel and Stephen shit their pants. Their Triumph blew up.”

“Our list of suspects in dwindling, Gregson. I’ll need to question each of you, including you, but first, show me the body.”

They walked back onto the golf course. It was twilight, and a ladies’ golf tournament was in full swing.

“You’re blockin my shot,” said a woman with curly grey hair. She swung, and her ball nailed Talbert in the back. “I could arrest you!”

“Go ahead—you’ll be talkin to my lawyer before you eat your next meal.” She was staring at his stomach.

“Let’s keep moving,” Gregson advised. When they reached the sand trap, the body was gone. The golf club was missing. The sand was beautiful. There was no blood or brains on the beach.

“What the…?”

“Are you sure this is the right trap?” Detective Talbert asked.

“Sure, I’m sure,” Gregson said. “How did that happen? We were all together.”

“This is bigger than I thought,” Talbert said. “We are looking at a conspiracy here, with multiple perpetrators.”

“Uh-huh. Wait a second…maybe the medical examiner retrieved the body and cleaned up,” Gregson said.

“Check on it, will you? Nobody leaves town!” Talbert shouted.

Back at the resort, the reunion was ready to disband forever. It came with knowing, they had spent four years together, and they didn’t know there were multiple serial killers in their graduating class.

“I’ll do the questioning, in the adjoining room,” Detective Talbert said. “Who wants to go first?”

“Jackie and I would like to go first,” Candy said.


After 15 minutes in private, Talbert returned. He looked drained, like the life-force was totally gone from his body.


It went on like this for two hours.

When Talbert was done, he motioned to Gregson. “My questions didn’t get us anywhere. The only way to catch the murderers, is to turn them loose. I’m afraid we have to risk another killing, to catch the killers.”

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