My best moments have been

when I left it behind

when I no longer needed it

when I was never going back


is far more powerful

than getting it

like approval, or a promotion, or a college degree

When you don’t need it

and step away from it

It totally loses its power over you

This is true for relationships

for jobs

for addictions

and previous ways of thinking.

As you step away from it

the more independence, you have.

It’s a huge relief


your very survival

no longer needs it.

Their opinions will change, when you are no longer there

Their egos will grow larger, like hot air

Their absurdity, will be incomprehensible

They will die, not knowing why

Their vacations don’t mean anything

Their empty words, don’t fill-up a room

Their lack of love, betrays, their non-existent heart

their shriveled soul

but that doesn’t matter to you


You can write about it, and you don’t have to carry it with you

They are there, still the same

You can write about the man who can’t look you in the eye

You can write about the woman, who doesn’t know, why

You wait for the right time, to walk away, and pray, that time is soon

the people say, you are never going to go

what do they know, right?

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