the writer

goes at it alone, so he doesn’t have to deal

with bureaucracies

there’s nothing wrong with these institutions

just that they tend to attract flies, like dung heaps.

I said something critical of the poop pile, yesterday

during a performance review

and my competence took a hit

“You shouldn’t have said that,” my boss said.

I was evaluated

for saying the wrong thing

It’s a classic example of the emperor wearing the clothes

and everybody else being naked

All she has to do

is point out your shame

“You work here.”

I’ve been trying to write after work

but my brain feels

hot and bothered

If I just write-down the crap, the way it is

the writing is crap

there has to be some kind of magic, that turns it into something else

It can’t be a transcript

because that wouldn’t make sense

the writer makes sense

of the truth.

People jockey for positions

inside the organization

by saying

something… anything

that puts them ahead of somebody else.

It’s horrifying, that horses run in a circle

there’s an untamed wilderness out there

but the longer you work in a bureaucracy, the more useless you become

until you are replaceable

and somebody feeds you, clothes you, and tells you

where to go.

It’s not all bad, though—

there’s security

until you decide to be free

and then, the once beautiful world is terrifying.

8 thoughts on “The once beautiful world…

  1. Beautiful expose into the nonsense fed to us by institutional thinking. The most beautiful part, that freedom, even though terrifying to attain, was never lost in the first place. It is only hibernating, as the radiance of the soul yearning to escape the dungeon we inevitably placed it within. Thank you for sharing this reminder.

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  2. Ain’t that true. My observation is that the writer must imbibe the gritty, unenthusiastic drivel of lives uninterested. The people who do things because they must, because “thats the way things are”, and transmute it into a magical piece of art people can derive hope from. But then again, it feels like feeding a snake, a snake who must do things because thats the way things are…

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