Gregson thought about tailing her—there’s nothing sexier than an interesting woman, but they had a date set for tomorrow—so there was no sense in gambling with his good luck. With women, it’s better to dream. When contracts get involved, the romance is written-down, and the realities set in. Gregson didn’t like to do paperwork. He was a man of action, of seduction, of charm—and he was also a man of leisure, so he decided to enjoy the free spa, with some alcohol, and a large cup of tea.

“Sir, might I suggest a full massage, and a cucumber seaweed body wrap?” The Japanese secretary asked.

“If that’s what the doctor orders?” Gregson said.

“No—I’m not a doctor, but Brandy, is good.”

Gregson wondered what Brandy would look like… He waited.

“I’m ready for you now,” Brandy said.

She wore yoga pants that were two-sizes too small, showing off her sculpted anatomy. Her sports bra was custom built. She had a beautiful face. Gregson couldn’t believe she was going to be touching him.

“Did you travel far to get here?” Brandy asked. She wore a white lab coat, but Gregson assumed she got her education someplace else, besides medical school.

Her hands worked their way down his back. His towel almost slipped off.

Gregson was glad he was resting on his stomach. He wasn’t sure about the laws for indecent exposure.

When he got into bed that night, his trip was far away. A tongue was licking his ear…

“Brandy, is that you?”

“Roland!? Get off that naked man before you catch something!”

It was morning, already.

A scotty dog was licking the moisture out of Gregson’s ear. He looked past his belly at the old lady, staring at his junk in horror. Gregson was pregnant with embarrassment.

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