The woman turned around. She spied his round belly and sunglasses. Apparently, Megan was trying to figure-out who he was, in the reunion line-up. He was a criminal, as Megan scrutinized his Margarita, comparing him to younger, more-fit versions of his classmates.

“Gregson, is that you?”

“One in the same.”

“Is it true that you became a detective?”

“Yeah… I worked my way up the bureaucratic bilge pile, until I had enough, and then I went out, on my own. Would you like to swim to the dock?”

“Are you fit enough?”

“Baby—fat floats, and I ran a marathon last year.”

She smiled. Megan was kind, despite years of being socially shunned.

“You’ve aged well,” Gregson said.

“Thank you.” It was the kind of “thank you” that was indecipherable. It could mean anything. Gregson was hooked like a fish. Megan gave him a sly smile, and ran into the waves like a Baywatch girl. She swam gracefully, through the sparkling sun. Gregson followed, like a sea turtle. When he got to the dock, Megan was sunning herself, and smiling.

Gregson’s irritability was gone. Chasing mysterious females was the cure.

“So, tell me about your career,” Megan said.

“If I did that—I would bore you.”

“Oh—it can’t be that bad. You’re an interesting man, Gregson. I think Joel and Stephen are jealous of you. Rumor has it, you’ve had quite a life.”

“You talked to Joel and Stephen?”

“Yeah. After their wives took their kids on a picnic, they were given an allowance. I saw them playing ping-pong, earlier. It’s interesting—when you revisit the past, you become who you were. They grew up and put on suits, but they’re the same, inside.”

“That’s true,” Gregson said. “We’re just acting. Some of us, are really good at it, and then, there’s the real thing.”

“Like you,” Megan accused.

“I suppose so… You wanted to be a writer—and look— you’re doing it.”

“But to tell you the truth, Gregson—I always wanted to be a detective. Writing mysteries, is a way to do what I want, without getting hurt.”

It was an honest conversation.

Gregson felt like, he never got to know women well enough, and when he did, it was always disappointing. Megan was different.

“What’s the schedule like?” He asked.

“There’s a golf tournament planned for tomorrow. We have to pair-off in a best-ball tournament. Would you like to be my partner?”

“Would I!? Can you play?”

Megan laughed. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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