I’ve been lying in bed at night

drinking, and thinking

and it’s not what you think—it’s water

I can’t get enough

I’m perpetually thirsty

I can’t sleep, I want to

but I can’t sleep

and it has me doing strange things, during odd hours

like I go for these walks at 1 in the morning

and the street lights

are old English lights

and then a fog rolls in

and the signs on the road, don’t make sense to me

I get lost

among tired fears

and the road stretches on, and I keep walking down it

toward, no destination.

If I walk far enough, I’ll see the sunlight

but I won’t have the energy

to journey back.

There are men with beards, just like me

sleeping in the hedges, and when the women run by

they scream

at these men, who are

woken in terror

by the same thing.

All I want to do is be normal

and avoid neurotic women—

it’s okay to be abnormal, if the women don’t mind.

If you’re a rockstar

long hair, works

anything else, spells danger

It’s the one word, women can spell

even if, they don’t know its meaning.

Having a place in society, gives me a sense of security

but it can also feel like

a trap

The man who can sleep at night

is half-tramp/half-trooper

his bags are packed

and the road can be traveled

even if, the signs

don’t tell him

where to go.

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