if there are no islands left, there is no frontier

no place, to call home


the lost horizon.

In the movies, the man

wants to rejoin the mainland

before he goes mad

and he gets there, through intellect

through feelings

of death, caused

by being alone.

Another man, sets sail

for the wide-open ocean, where he might never come back

in fact, he plans not to

and he goes there, to be controlled by nature

embracing her, like an abandoned mistress

who will love him, and then kill him.

To be loved by her, is right

because she must be respected

like following an invisible law, that doesn’t need to be written down

he honors her

to keep his life

there are mermaids in the sound

he went-out too far


he can’t come back

it’s a cold universe,

far away

from warm women

he is a stranger, wherever he goes

he knows

to be known, is to be known

there is no mystery, in that

only limits

and he would rather face the uncertain end

than see it coming for 40 years

They say, “We don’t know what will happen to us in life.”

and everybody is trying to know

it’s not that he doesn’t want love

it’s that, he isn’t sure what that is

Society frightens him

Those who preach love, are full of hate

and those who preach peace, want war

There is no dishonesty in nature

the lion, is a lion

there is nothing personal about that

Nature doesn’t try to be what it is not

Society tries to turn him into a pet

to make him cuddly

for kids

and it strips him

of his majesty

that only he

can give.

6 thoughts on “No Islands Left

  1. Honest. It is better to go the unknown way. I was thinking today that everywhere was too familiar, preplanned, in cities and life. And you described that so clearly. There’s nothing unique about wanting out; it’s nature. We’re lions in cages. Thank you.

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