a spirit of kindness is a blessing

I don’t think people know

how far kindness will go

the spirit is enough

it doesn’t take stuff, to show you care

I feel blessed

to connect with someone

in a meaningful way.

If you want joy

practice kindness

If you want to be loved

practice kindness

Kindness comes from God

and if you don’t know God, it will be difficult to be kind

If your spirit isn’t right

the things you do, will be wrong

any wisdom you have, won’t work

you won’t understand what kindness is

because kindness isn’t a fact you can memorize

You carry it with you

wherever you go

and people will love you

because you have it.

It doesn’t even need to be given

It follows you, like your spirit

There is a time, when a man chooses who he is going to be

I am going to be kind

kindness is a symptom, of a much larger


If we become like God

we will have what the world needs

a desired disease

in abundance, that everyone wants to catch

and if we practice kindness to feel good

we won’t have it any longer

than a fleeting feeling.

So, follow God

we’re all imperfect,

and in our worst moments

God’s spirit,

will set us free.

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