I’ve been telling myself, “If”

If, I make a million dollars…

which doesn’t seem like a lot of money.

So, I must rely on the currency of myself

even though my ego is inflated.

How can it not be?

It’s a defense mechanism against reality.

People don’t want the facts

We don’t live with facts, but with beliefs—constant surprises

It’s after the unforeseen event

that people make sense of the world

with their “Facts.”

It’s like newspapers, that print black and white versions of what happened

They’re in color now, but they’re not anymore truthful

The truth is, what we believe.

And what we believe, must come true.

I am not content to be one of those believers

who prays, without any power.

I can’t arrogantly stand on the truth,

if it doesn’t come true.



I look for when things will happen

“If,” isn’t even a word.

Expectation, is what you get

the world isn’t governed by nature

but by man—

those with a will to survive

and with a will to dominate with their destiny.

We are only a random confluence of events

if we believe that.

Who—wants us to?

Don’t give up your expectations

Don’t be severed by your disappointments

You are worth more, than that

If/then statements don’t fit an illogical world

“When?” is your word

and it comes

with full belief.

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