there isn’t enough time

and as twilight turns into night

I don’t want to sleep

I stare at the stars, and feel

the whispering breeze

moving across the lake

the lights

in the distance, tell me

I’m not alone

but it feels that way

and it’s peaceful.

If you’re going to try,

don’t do it half-way.

Don’t care what people say

their advice won’t take you where you want to go—

You will be alone

Why would you choose this way, when friends feel good

when acceptance, makes you feel understood

where resistance

and suffering

meet you, like a close friend?


your life should be an expression of who you are

and not a cheap watered-down drink at the bar

not dogs at cards

but a personal philosophy

that takes you


into the forbidden night

where we all have to go


few of us


like a close friend.

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