If you want to stand-out at work,

work on yourself.

Change is the rule,

and the rule doesn’t change for anyone.


With invisible victories, comes self-respect

If you don’t have self-respect

no amount of praise, titles, or accomplishments

will give you enough.


Self-control can’t be taken away.


Envy in others, is the byproduct of success

their feelings,

justify why they don’t have

what they perceive,

they can’t get

It’s the ultimate form of self-deception.


When I am kind to others

and my boss accuses me of being kind

to get what I want

I don’t disagree

I want people to be kind to me.


It isn’t the words that you say

or your toughness, or lack of toughness

that matters,

but who you are.

Your love, or lack of love

will change the world.


In the workplace

my colleagues play games of like

or dislike


or uncool


or not.

When I play my own game

everybody else is a fan.

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