the uncommon man, is frequently called


he is called names, until he doesn’t answer

to them

he is deaf, to the crabs that scream

in boiling water

he isn’t red with anger

he climbs out, because his name

is synonymous with his goal

he has chosen his value

and his value, is in direct proportion to his path

towards salvation

If a man thinks, books are common

he would be correct

Why write one?

For the same reason, that form isn’t function

that a Bible

is more than just stories

If you want to hand somebody


don’t give them tired words

I listen to them

to go to sleep at night

there are plenty of those…

No—hand a nobody


hand a somebody


hand hope, to anybody

who reads these words

words matter

because we don’t live without them

we don’t exist

on bread alone

whether it’s a wasted life, or a worthwhile one

depends on the words you tell yourself

If you believe them


a certain kind of faith

it’s the ghost speaking to you

between possibility

and impossibility

You must answer the call

Don’t hang-up

it’s the conversation you were meant to have

You’ve been waiting your whole life

for the phone to ring.

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